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Welcome to the Dental Beginners Guide to Front Office

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Welcome to our Dental Beginner Guide offers comprehensive online training for those new to the dental field or would just like a refresher. This course provides a structured introduction to the essentials of front office basics and patient care. Through interactive modules, beginners will gain the foundational skills and knowledge needed to start their dental careers. The flexible online format allows learners to progress at their own pace, ensuring a convenient and accessible learning experience. Upon completion, participants will be ready to advance in the dental profession.




I had been out of the dental field for 20 years and wanted to restart my career as a dental assistant but I felt that myskills were a bit rusty and wanted to be up to date and this course was exactly what I needed. It was a great refresheron safety, anatomy, techniques etc but most especially Michelle was so encouraging and supportive. I really feltunsure about going back after so many years but she reinforced things I knew and showed me some very helpful newtechniques. Today at my new job I did my first fmx in 20 years!!!! It was incredibly rewarding. They turned out very welland Dr was very pleased. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to have this credential.

Jennifer Baxter


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