SPS Dental Academy is committed to offer quality, accessible learning opportunities that successfully meet the needs of the dental community as well as individual personal needs.

Why SPS Dental Academy?

We offer live, in-person training for those looking to become dental assistants. Our program is designed by experts in the field, so you can be sure that you're getting the best education possible. Plus, our job placement assistance will help you find a position in one of the fastest growing industries out there.


  • Small Class Sizes: Many of our lecture classes have a maximum of a 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio (some may be larger), and most lab classes have a maximum of an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, allowing students to receive personal attention and the one-on-one guidance needed for success.

  • Quality Instructors: Our industry-experienced instructors are dedicated and committed to our students’ success. Every SPS Dental Academy instructor meets or exceeds State of Michigan and/or accreditation criteria, guidelines, and qualifications.

  • Support System:  It’s not uncommon for students of SPS Dental Academy to see their instructors as their coach, mentor and advisors throughout their studies. Many remain in contact with their instructors after completing their program to gain more knowledge, support and advice.

10 week dental assisting course

Employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.

Exceptional, short-term career training programs

  • Hands-on Training: We provide our students with a program-specific curriculum which is dedicated to assist them in learning the skills needed for that specific career. Learning at SPS Dental Academy often takes place in both lecture and lab settings, allowing students the ability to practice the skills they are learning. Many of our programs also include an externship or clinical experience prior to graduation, which is designed to model the work environment students may experience upon graduation.

  • Short-Term Training Programs: Many of the programs at SPS Dental Academy can be completed in a 10 week period, allowing students to complete their training in a relatively short period of time.


  • Convenient Campus Locations: The Clinic location is conveniently located  3 blocks from the SPS Dental Academy building.  

Student services throughout your studies at SPS Dental Academy

  • Tuition Planning: A representative is available to meet with each student to discuss tuition financing options. The Financial Aid /Grants process can be difficult to understand, but our team will help each student to comprehend the process and identify which financial option meets their needs the best.  Financial Aid/Grants are available to those who qualify. Meet with a representative to discuss if you qualify for free reimbursement of course cost Or discuss a payment plan.

  • Career Services: We are committed to offering employment assistance to all students who have completed the program. In addition, SPS Dental Academy has developed relationships with many dental practices in the state of  Michigan through its affiliation with Strategic Practice Solution – which was incepted since 2012.


SPS Dental Academy Program offers:

Dental Assistant Program

Looking for Dental Assistant career training?

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SPS Dental Academy you’re not just a number. You have specific goals; goals that are unique to you and we work hard in assisting you to achieve those goals. Our instructors and administrators make it HIGH priority to know their students individually and continuously demonstrate to the students how much they care by the little and big things they do each and every day. In addition, our school is designed to support students throughout their entire time with the academy – and even after they complete the program.  Here at SPS Dental Academy,we have a strong commitment to our students and treat them as FAMILY. 

Workshops and classes for personal growth and lifelong learning

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