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Handling Late Patients Beginners

This training aims to equip participants with the skills and strategies necessary to handle late patients diplomatically and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to the practice's operations. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and role-playing exercises, attendees will learn how to communicate effectively with late patients, adjust schedules on the fly without compromising the quality of care, and implement policies that reduce the incidence of late arrivals.

Key Course Objectives

  • Develop Effective Communication Skills for Handling Late Arrivals: Participants will learn how to communicate with late patients in a manner that is professional, empathetic, and firm. The objective is to ensure that patients understand the impact of their tardiness on the practice's schedule while feeling valued and respected.
  • Implement Strategies to Minimize Disruptions Caused by Late Patients: This objective focuses on teaching participants how to quickly assess the day's schedule and make adjustments as necessary to accommodate late patients without significantly disrupting other appointments. This includes learning how to prioritize appointments, when to reschedule, and how to maintain a buffer in the daily schedule for unexpected delays.
  • Create and Enforce a Late Patient Policy: Participants will be guided on how to develop a clear and fair late patient policy, including how to communicate this policy to patients. This objective aims to reduce the frequency of late arrivals by setting clear expectations and consequences for tardiness.
  • Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Retention Despite Schedule Disruptions: The course will cover strategies for maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction and retention, even when dealing with the challenges of late patients. This includes techniques for managing patient perceptions and experiences during delays, as well as proactive communication strategies to keep patients informed and engaged.

By the end of this course, dental professionals will be well-equipped to handle late patients in a way that maintains the practice's operational efficiency, ensures the quality of patient care, and upholds a positive practice environment. Participants will leave with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented in their dental practice to effectively manage late arrivals and enhance overall patient satisfaction.



I had been out of the dental field for 20 years and wanted to restart my career as a dental assistant but I felt that myskills were a bit rusty and wanted to be up to date and this course was exactly what I needed. It was a great refresheron safety, anatomy, techniques etc but most especially Michelle was so encouraging and supportive. I really feltunsure about going back after so many years but she reinforced things I knew and showed me some very helpful newtechniques. Today at my new job I did my first fmx in 20 years!!!! It was incredibly rewarding. They turned out very welland Dr was very pleased. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to have this credential.

Jennifer Baxter


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