A few of the top reasons dental assistants say they love their profession include the reward of helping others, the variety of duties they perform, and the ability to move into other areas of dentistry.

A Dental Assisting website recently shared a few examples of what dental assistants are saying about why they are so dedicated to their careers!

  • “I never have a hard time finding a dental assistant position. I would not trade my dental assisting career for anything,” says Kelli, CDA.
  • “Being a new dental assistant — and having recently earned DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)certification — has given me purpose. I now know I can achieve the highest of my goals education-wise and throughout life,” shares Jeyda, CDA.
  • “I have enjoyed many years in the profession and more than a decade of DANB certification. For those looking for a successful career, dental assisting has so much to offer. I hope that more people become interested in the field,” said Gerrie, CDA.

There are many reasons a career as a dental assistant is in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030.”

The BLS reports that the median annual salary for dental assistants in the U.S. was $41,180 in May 2020. Dental assistants can take advantage of numerous opportunities to grow professionally, and this contributes to their financial growth as well. Flexible hours with weekends and holidays off with friends and family is also very important to dental assistants, along with working in a friendly and fun environment.

Rewarding to Help Others

Dental assistants agree providing patient care is their top priority according to DANB’s 2020-2021 Dental Assistants Salary and Satisfaction Survey. They get the opportunity to enhance the health of patients as well as help create smiles that boost patients’ confidence and self-esteem. This, in turn, improves the patients’ quality of life. These special team members are passionate about their roles, and this can brighten any patient’s day and put anxious patients at ease. The cheerfulness of the dental assistant makes a huge difference to the patient and dentist in the delivery of the dental procedure.

The friendliness of the assistant can help keep the office environment a pleasant place in which to work. People who love helping others sometimes consider it a calling. Dental assistants seem to be this set of individuals. They should be proud of their passion for what they do each day to make the lives of dentists and patients easier. They just love to make people smile!

Why Love Dental Assisting? The Variety of Duties

Responsibilities of a dental assistant depend on the assistant’s credentials, training, and experience, as well as what is allowed by law in their particular state. Preparing patients for dental work is not the only duty of the dental assistant. It is almost impossible to identify the multiple duties of the DA on a checklist. They assist their dental practices with greeting, calming, cleaning, organizing, and dismissing to mention just a few.

One important job that can be accomplished during no-patient time is cleaning the treatment rooms, tubs and trays, and restocking. Dental assistants greet the patients and review and update health records, review the treatment for the visit, and ask if they have any questions or concerns. It is the duty of the dental assistant to stay ahead of the dentist to ensure patients of their competence. They are to accompany patients to the accounts manager desk once their treatment is complete to be assisted with payment services. Patients are the number one priority!

The Chance to Learn Something New

Dental assistants commit themselves to life-long learning. Continuing education (CE) benefits the assistant as well as the practice. The Value of Dental Assistants to the Dental Practice research report reveals that 87% of dentists and dental office managers affirmed in the strongest terms that dental assistants who complete CE are more likely to make a dental practice more profitable.

Additionally, they may be able to take on additional responsibilities and grow into new roles. Learning new things invigorates them and brings more excitement and energy to their role helping them love Dental Assisting. There is always something new to learn and another technology to master. Dentists embrace the latest and greatest techniques to care for their patients.

Some states are allowing dentists to delegate some advanced functions, which increases the opportunities for advancement for dental assistants. Dentists in the 21st century are searching for knowledgeable and skilled dental assists to help them meet their professional goals.

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